Atlantic Blenny
Atlantic Blenny (1)


Atlantic Blenny (egg)

 Unlocked at

Auto Unlock   


8 Sand Dollar   

 Purchase XP

1200 XP Icon   

 Junior Sell

12000 Coins   

 Junior Sell XP

XP Icon   

 Growth Period

4 days   

 Adult Sell

48000 Coins   

 Adult Sell XP

XP Icon   

 Adult Age

16 days   

The Atlantic Blenny is a fish available in FishVille. It can be bought from the store for a cost of 8 Sand Dollar, giving 1200 XP Icon. It takes 4 days to grow one stage of maturity and, once adult, will sell for 48000 Coins, giving 4800 XP Icon.


Image GalleryEdit

Atlantic Blenny (store)

Atlantic Blenny (2)

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