A players may invite his friends from Facebook to become a friend in FishVille. A player may assist their friends and can earn certain rewards from doing so.

Adding FriendsEdit

Once a player starts playing FishVille, it can be very helpful to add friends. To do this, he must add current friends from Facebook to become friends in game. A player may invite players who currently play FishVille or invite new players to the game. Once the friend has accepted, they will become a friend in FishVille.

Advantages of FriendsEdit

There are many advantages of having friends.

  • Earning extra experience and coins - By visiting a friend's tank, a player can help resolve any problems and feed their fish. This can earn the player a small amount of experience and coins.
  • Have fish fed - A player's friends may also wish to feed a player's fish, meaning that, when sold, the fish will give extra experience.
  • Improve the tank - By having more friends, a player may purchase bigger and multiple tanks from the store.

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