A gift is an item sent by a player to their friends. Sending a free gift costs nothing to either player; however, there is an ingame Gift Store where gifts costing Sand Dollars may be sent. Upon reaching higher levels, a player may send a wider variety of gifts.

Types of GiftsEdit

Free GiftEdit

A player may send a free gift once daily to each of their friends. To send a free gift, a player must go to the Free Gifts tab at the top of the page, select a gift to send and then choose the desired recipients. Alternatively, a player may choose to send a gift to a specific friend by selection the option from the friend bar at the bottom of the screen.

When a player receives a free gift, they will receive a notification on their Facebook page. From here, they may choose to accept or deny the gift. If they accept the gift, if will appear in the player's Gift Box and can then be added to the tank.

Gift StoreEdit

An alternative to a free gift is a gift from the Gift Store. Here, players may purchase an item with Sand Dollars to send to a friend. The friend can then receive the gift in the way they would receive a normal gift.

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