The store is the place where a player may buy new items for their tank, including fish, decorations, plants, enviroments, tanks and food. Items may be bought from the sotre for either coins or Sand Dollars. A player may unlock further items to buy from the store by reaching higher levels.


There are 6 sections in the Store. These are:

  • Fish - All available fish may be bought here.
  • Plants - Plants to decorate the tank can be bought here.
  • Decorations - Decorations for a player's tank can be bought here.
  • Enviromments - The player may change their tank's enviromment here, for a cost.
  • Tanks - Tanks upgrades and addition tanks can be bought here.
  • Food - Special food may be bought for a player's fish here.

Gift StoreEdit

When a player visits a friend's tank, the Store icon is replaced with the Gift Store. The Gift Store sells a few gifts that may be bough using Sand Dollars which may be send a player's friend.

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